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Molly Noble : DirectorMolly Noble is a freelance theatre director and the founder of the award-winning Porchlight Theatre Company in Marin, as well as a contributing company director at Playground – The Bay Area’s Leading Playwright Incubator in Berkeley. She welcomed two Bay Area Theatre Critics Awards for Porchlight productions under her tenure as Artistic Director. Molly’s freelance career as a director is based in her native California but has regional credits in Colorado and New Jersey.

“Molly is an outstanding theatre director and collaborator and particularly deft in the development of new plays. I highly recommend her to any theatre in need of a guest director.”
– Jim Kleinmann, Artistic Director, PlayGround
Gymnopédie #1 | Best of PlayGround 2009
“The focus is on the power or the practice of art. Kenn Rabin’s Gymnopédie #1 (directed by Molly Noble) plays unexpected variations on Erik Satie in the key of sex between a flattered professor (Brian Herndon) and a student (Lisa Morse) with an agenda.”
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress | College of Marin
“The characters in “Five Women in the Same Dress” aren’t caricatures but complexly real people. The cast gets it all unassailably right — especially the finely honed Southern sense of absurdity, something that seems to elude many more experienced actors. How they do so is the wonder and magic of theater.”
– Barry Willis, Marin Independent Journal
Pack of Lies
Pack of Lies | Ross Valley Players
“Based on a true story, and adroitly directed by Molly Noble… [“Pack of Lies”] is a universal story about the mutual affection of two women, despite external realities that have thrown them together.”
– Barry Willis, Marin Independent Journal
“It’s exhilarating.”
– Woody Weingarten, Ross Valley Reporter
Ecce Homo
Ecce Homo | Best of PlayGround 2011
“Ecce Homo is a charming, bittersweet vignette of a married couple preparing to give their final performance in the dying age of vaudeville that is put to pasture by the advent of talking pictures. Brian Herndon and Holli Hornlien interact beautifully in Jonathan Luskin’s perfect 10 minute play under Molly Noble’s sensitive direction.”
– Kedar Adour reviews, For All Events
Arabian Nights | College of Marin
“COM’s director, Molly Noble, keeps the audience entranced as her ensemble rolls, falls, dances and performs exotic—and erotic—tales of ancient Baghdad.”
– Lee Brady, Pacific Sun
“COM’s energetic Arabian Nights enchants. College of Marin’s drama department has a winner with this production.”
– Barry Willis, Independent Journal
Almost, Maine
Almost, Maine | College of Marin
“Near-perfect director Molly Noble makes even the newest actors play well together. It is a credit to Noble that the only stars onstage are the ones painted on the set. Surreal and poignant, fast and funny, this ensemble delivers charming entertainment in a season when we can let go and believe in love.”
– Lee Brady, Pacific Sun
The Safety of Pools
The Safety of Pools | Best of Playground 2010
“The tension carries over, in a naturalistic vein, to a midnight argument over guns and safety in Malachy Walsh’s The Safety of Pools. Molly Noble’s gentle staging evokes the underlying bonds between a concerned Liam Vincent and fearful Rinabeth Apostol as exhausted new parents.”
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle
Isle of Dogs, Part II
Isle of Dogs | Best of Playground 2007
“[One] of my favorites [is] historically based, Richard Weingart’s Isle of Dogs, Part II directed by Molly Noble, a witty two-hander in which Shakespeare and Jonson meet over a pint at the local tavern.”
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle
Dancing at LughnasaDancing at Lughnasa | College of Marin
“…five unmarried sisters spontaneously join hands and explode into a spontaneous rite of exultation and release. It is an amazing scene, and, in the hands of award-winning director Molly Noble, it is a harrowing one. For in Noble’s riveting and stark interpretation, it begins with a strangled cry and erupts into a white cloud as the sisters slap and rub their faces with flour. For one brief moment, they give in to their desires, laughing, screaming and shrieking like a pack of wild banshees in a fierce, primitive, nearly tribal danse macabre.”
– Mark Langton, The Marin Independent Journal
Big LoveBig Love | College of Marin
“Big Love takes on all kinds of love but it is the murderous kind that gets our attention. But it is all in fun, and director Molly Noble ends the evening harmoniously even as dead bodies still litter the stage floor.”
– Lee Brady, Pacific Sun