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Molly Noble : PorchlightI started an ensemble theatre in a beautiful setting under the Redwoods and it magically took off. Over the last decade, we have created a space for actors to return as if to a summer home (or dacha) in the country to do great plays. We performed Turgenev, Chekhov, Shaw and Wilde in those first years. Audiences came slowly but surely, and today Porchlight is a summer destination for many audiences, incredible directors, designers and actors at all stages of illustrious careers. At the heart of Porchlight are talented people who create and witness art for all the right reasons.

“Porchlight Theatre specializes in authentic, high-quality performances of the works of playwrights of the 19th and early 20th century. Anton Chekhov and warm summer evenings in the Redwood Amphitheatre are a potent combination. Even the Moscow Art Theatre couldn’t deliver this experience.”
-Charles Brousse, Marin Independent Journal
The Seagull“The word is out: Porchlight Theatre Company is performing outdoor theater of a very high order. Previous summer productions featuring resident actors/directors Molly Noble, Elizabeth Craven, Tara Blau and John Craven have enthralled audiences, and as the buzz grows, so does the audience. This is how the best theater happens-organically produced from rich soil, good seeds and careful tending.”
– Lee Brady, Pacific Sun
Les Liaisons DangereusesLes Liaisons Dangereuses | Porchlight Theatre Company
“… superb production… the Porchlight ensemble keeps audiences shocked and amused.”
– Lee Brady, Pacific Sun

“… deliciously sinful portrait of aristocratic excess… a sparklingly witty play packed with pleasures…”
– Sam Hurwitt, Marin IJ